Please note this website is solely for riders / teams who wish to register for the various events that make up the different 2024 FIM Trial World Championships & Prizes.

Individual Championships & Prizes Riders will need to create a new account, which will be subject to verification.

New Riders or Riders changing classes will need to be authorised by their FMN. Their FMN must send an email to specifying the current valid FIM Licence number and the authorization including a statement confirming that the Rider has the technical and sporting level required to participate in the requested class.

All TrialGP, TrialGP Women, Trial2, Trial3 entries should be made 21 days before each event. Entries made between 21 and 2 days before the administrative control of the Event will still be possible, but will see their fees doubled (this applies to Riders' and Assistants' registrations).

FIM Licenced teams willing to enter a Team Manager need to create an account by selecting "Team Manager" and introducing the information about the team. Manufacturers are entitled to 2 Team Managers. FIM Licenced teams are entitled to one Team Manager.


TDN Entries must be made by the National Federation. Account creation shall be requested to

Deadline for TDN Teams' entries is 60 days before the event. Entries up to 30 days before will still be possible but with a late administration fee.


Trial Vintage Riders need to create an account by selecting either "Trial Vintage" in order to participate at the "FIM Trial Vintage Trophy" or "Trial Vintage Support Class" to participate on the easier line outside the classification of the Vintage trophy.

Entries should be made 21 days before the event. Entries after this date will be subject to authorisation and a late administration fee.

Click here to access the official TrialGP website (on-line noticeboard, results,...)